• Supporting Positive Outcomes for Youth Involved with the Law This report reviews the impact of the Youth Criminal Justice Act and provides recommendations and guidelines for supporting youth involved with the law.
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REPORT: This report explores the impact and outcomes of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), the legal statute that governs youth justice programs and systems in Canada. In this context, the report reviews literature about “what works” to support youth involved with the law, and provides recommendations for improving outcomes for youth by focusing on system, program, and practice-level change.
REPORT: This report provides recommendations for how a pre-charge diversion strategy that utilizes restorative justice practices, protocols and policies and take steps to reduce the criminalization of youth can support youth most vulnerable to involvement with the law.
NEW MEDIA: This zine compiles the responses of over 75 youth to questions: What is justice? How can we get it? What can it look like outside of the usual justice system of courts and arrests? How does justice affect the lives of young people?
RESEARCH SUMMARY: This summary describes an evaluation of the Truth n' Trauma program (TNT). The TNT program is based on principles of positive youth development and incorporates restorative and trauma-informed approaches to prevent youth violence.

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Restorative Justice
April 12, 2017

by Zainab Godwin, Manager, Youth Justice Department, For Youth Initiative
and Rebecca Houwer, Manager, Knowledge Exchange, YouthREX

April 03, 2017

by Kate Gatto
National Program Manager, Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Canada